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Game by Mark Katerberg

Music by Alex McCulloch

CSS Magic by Ion Emil Negoita

Favicon by Delapouite





How To Play

Ric-Rac-Rogue is a take on the classic two-player game played on a 3x3 grid. The objective is to be the first player to form a line of three of your symbols (X or O) horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

In this game, nearly all of the rules will change as you proceed through the levels. You may not be the starting player, you may need more or fewer than 3 in a row to win. The board itself may become blocked to your plays.

You will need to use your array of abilities to allow you to defeat your opponent, which will grant you additional power-ups and the energy that is sorely needed to use them.


To win the game, you must advance through the ten (10) levels, gaining power-ups and energy along the way. The levels get progressively more difficult, with some being unfair to the point that they are impossible to survive without using abilities.

Beware losing levels! If you tie a level, it will cost you some energy, but if you lose one, you will lose nearly all of your energy and it is very hard to survive two losses during a run.


The lifeblood of Ric-Rac-Rogue is your current energy level. If it ever falls to zero, your run is over and you will have to start from scratch.

Winning a level will not only restore some energy, but allow you to gain access to power-ups.


This power-up allows removing a choice from the board. It can easily allow you to clinch a close game, but it has a cooldown (⏱) of 4 turns.

It also costs 20 energy (⚡︎) to use, so be careful not to use it unless you need to!

L1 Rules:

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